• Muthoot Finance – a part of the 123 M Geroge Enterprise, 1900 branches across India, adding 2-3 branches daily!
  • The company now offers Fixed Income Bonds(non-cumulative) and Multiplier Bonds(cumulative) which provide almost 1½ to 2 times more returns than the interest on a fixed deposit of most nationalized banks.
  • The invest is in the form of fully secured, redeemable, non-convertibe debentures.
  • Every 1000 rupees deposit is secured by 1400 rupees worth of gold.
  • The interest rates can be viewed at
  • Minimum investable sum is 5000 rupees
To cut a long story short –
A leading nationalised bank is offering 7% p.a. on its fixed deposits for a maturity period of 3 years. Muthoot Finance offers 11.50% p.a. on its recurring Multiplier Bond (cumulative) and thus a final yeild of 12.17% p.a. And to top it all – Its completely secure.
To invest or for more details you may call Mr. Anoop Agarwal at 9836442256 with my (Anurag Bhatia’s) reference
Additional benefits –
1. When you deposit some amount with them, you are entitled to a loan amount upto 90% of your deposited amount which will be given to you in something like 10 minutes only! Interest rate payable by you on this loan will be 2% more than the interest the company was paying you on its bonds.
2. The company provides you a M POWER membership card at a charge of 99 rupees. With this you can keep use the company’s locker facilities.
Added benefits- Suppose you keep 1 lakh worth gold in their locker say in their Kolkata branch. Then  you are entitled to 90% of the amount as loan from any branch in any state!
HelpLine: 011-3051 3051
For more details or investment ideas you may comment below this post or e-mail me at

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Minance is a private investment firm
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